JNolan Design now offers new digital services:

Photo Slide Show Service
Do you have a slew of old photos? I can scan the photos if they are in an album
or loose and put them on a professionally mastered DVD that plays a slide show
complete with music of your choice. This is a great way to re-live memories that
are collecting dust in a closet somewhere! Not only that, they are preserved forever!

VHS to DVD Transfer Service
Old VHS tapes are loosing their place in the world and the older they are the more
they deteriorate. A great way to preserve memories is to have them transfered to
DVD. I can even take some smaller camcorder tapes and transfer them to a DVD as
well. Please let me know what you have and I can determine your options.

Record and Audio Tape to CD
I had a huge tape collection. I didn’t want to re-buy all of the music again! I have
the capabilities to transfer the out-of-date audio to MP3 or on to a CD for your
listening pleasure once again.

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